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Vancouver Chinese Translation

Vancouver Chinese Translation offers professional, low-cost Chinese translation and interpretation services to businesses and the general public in the Greater Vancouver area.

Let us help you communicate effectively with potential customers in Vancouver's growing Chinese community. Our thorough and culturally sensitive translations will accurately relate your message from English to Chinese or from Chinese to English, thereby opening untapped business opportunities.




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We are 100% committed to your satisfaction. To each and every translation project we bring the following:

  • Value for Your Money: Our skilled translation team and efficient business practices allow us to offer highly competitive pricing for quality work. Click here to view a breakdown of our pricing.
  • Attention to Appropriate Semantics: Translating English into Simplified or Traditional Chinese, word for word, is not enough. Vancouver Chinese Translation has a strong reputation for delivering effective translated communications.
  • Peace of Mind: With decades of experience, our skilled language professionals double check content, context and style for accuracy. Rest assured your translation projects are in good hands.
  • Predictable Outcomes: We pride ourselves on clear translation and quick project completion.




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